Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidate Essay 6

"Coming to the Club every day has helped me change my attitude about school completely. I haven't been the greatest student in the past, but since coming to the Club, I have started to get more serious. The staff have been really helpful in helping me find mew ways to study and help with homework. It;s been really great to have all of their support, and I have come a long way because of it."

-Damon H.

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidate Essay 5

"With all of the work that I have done, the effort I have put in, and the years of learning and maturing at the Club, I can say that I am a better person because of it. The Club has helped me grow and be a more positive role model for others. I enjoy coming to the Club and spending time hanging out with friends and working with kids here. All of the time I have spent here, and the experiences I have had, has made this place a second home to me."

-Matt S.

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidate Essay 4

".... I can remember going to the Boys and Girls Club to go pick up my brother and I would ask my mom when I could start to go cause it looks like fun. In my many years at  the Boys & Girls Club, I have been blessed to receive intelligent guidance from the staff and other club members. I like the fact the club is diverse and you get to learn new things about different people. The staff members made sure that no feels ashamed of who they are. My mother has  thought of me to be strong and to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. No, I am not perfect myself. My grades are not perfect but I am working hard everyday, well some days more than others but I am still working hard. I have and still receive help from the staff at the Boys & Girls Club."

-Jayquan L.

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidate Essay 3

" I got older, I found myself getting into trouble a little bit more. One day I got in trouble for being disrespectful and was sent to talk to the Executive Director, Garreth. I was upset during our conversation and I remember asking him, "why do you like running this place?" Garreth told me something I will never forget. He said, "I don't run the Club. The kids do, the members so. I just keep everything going". I didn't really get into trouble after that, and if I did, I would usually go talk to Jarrod or Tim (staff at the Club), who would always help calm me down."

-Sebastian B.

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidates Essay 2

This is an excerpt from another Youth of the Year candidate:

"I have enjoyed coming to the Club since my very first day there. I enjoy going because the counselors are always there to talk when I need and my friends are always there when I walk in. I think about it as a place where you can make new friends and feel at home. The Club has given me so many experiences and memories over the years. My life is so much better thanks to everything I have done with the Club."

"...thanks to all of the relationships I have formed over the years, I still attend the Club today. I remember I was in elementary school, I was getting bullied by some people in my class. When I would get to the Club, I would find myself confiding in the counselors. When I did homework at the Club, I would take longer than most kids. One counselor would sit down with me and help me with it until I was done. The counselors there are always there to help me, whether it was the problems at school or with school work".

-Rachel F.

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidate Essay 1

The following is an excerpt from one of our candidates essays for Youth of the Year:

"Some days my Dad would come home and of course he would be tired and he probably did want to just sit down and watch some T.V. but he still managed to make 10-20 minutes of time to just throw a ball around or have a jump rope competition. Even at the Boys & Girls Club, there are great adult role models. This one counselor there, Jarrod, probably one of the best basketball players I have ever played with, he would always be willing to work with me on my shot or something that I wanted to understand or do basketball wise. Sometimes it would be 6:00 p.m., an hour before the Club closes, almost everyone would be gone but he still helped me work on my spin move or just play one on one with me. I wouldn't lead this active lifestyle if I didn't have these great role models in my life."

-Dhruvil S.