Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Excerpt from a Youth of the Year Candidates Essay 2

This is an excerpt from another Youth of the Year candidate:

"I have enjoyed coming to the Club since my very first day there. I enjoy going because the counselors are always there to talk when I need and my friends are always there when I walk in. I think about it as a place where you can make new friends and feel at home. The Club has given me so many experiences and memories over the years. My life is so much better thanks to everything I have done with the Club."

"...thanks to all of the relationships I have formed over the years, I still attend the Club today. I remember I was in elementary school, I was getting bullied by some people in my class. When I would get to the Club, I would find myself confiding in the counselors. When I did homework at the Club, I would take longer than most kids. One counselor would sit down with me and help me with it until I was done. The counselors there are always there to help me, whether it was the problems at school or with school work".

-Rachel F.

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